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DETMAR offers a complete line of battery holders with rod hold down, quick disconnect rod hold down and strap hold down type products.

Available to fit 24/24M, 27/27M, and 31 series batteries. All battery holders meet ABYC Standard E-10 and USCG requirements.

Heavy-duty battery trays and cross pieces are molded of high-strength polypropylene and are designed for corrosive, high-temperature environments.

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DETMAR's rod-type holders offer the unmatched holding power of a metal hold down rod to stainless steel base clip connection. Molded side loops keep rods in raised position for easy installation.

Available with stainless steel rods and fasteners.

Choice of stainless steel lock nuts or Quick Disconnect nuts.

Quick Disconnect nuts (as shown in photo) permit easy installation and removal of batteries using special high strength, non-corrosive nylon wing nuts which can be tightened by hand. Nuts cannot be overtorqued and will not loosen or vibrate free.

All battery holders come complete with mounting hardware.

24/24M stainless steel hardware
Quick Disconnect with stainless steel hardware
27/27M/31 stainless steel hardware
Quick Disconnect with stainless steel hardware

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DETMAR strap holders are compact and make installation and battery changing easy. VELCRO® brand high tension nylon hook and loop provide secure strap closure. The nylon closure system, nylon stitching and 1-inch polypropylene strap are durable and resistant to battery acid.

Molded side loops in the tray keep strap in place for reduced battery movement.

Battery holders come complete with four #10 screws for mounting.

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