In-Line Blowers

DETMAR blowers are reliable, efficient and have the highest capacity on the market today.  Molded from tough, corrosion-proof ABS plastic with built-in mounting brackets, DETMAR blowers are designed for easy installation and quieter operation. Water-Resistant models are also available for added protection in high-moisture applications.

At your request, DETMAR can supply blower wire leads with two-way molded or custom connections for attachment to boat’s wire harness. Contact DETMAR for more information.

DETMAR backs its Water-Resistant blowers with a three year Limited Warranty. Standard units carry a one-year Limited Warranty.

*All measurements @ 13.6 VDC specification voltage.


DETMAR meets or exceeds the following standards:
  • ABYC H-2
  • NMMA Certified
  • U.S.C.G. 33 CFR sections 183.410, 183.425 and 183.610
  •  EN ISO 8846:2017


3″ In-Line Blower - Bulk Pkg754
3″ In-Line Blower - Water Resistant - Bulk Pkg
4″ In-Line Blower - Bulk Pkg751
4″ In-Line Blower - Water Resistant - Bulk Pkg
3″ In-Line Blower - Aftermarket Pkg*754C
3″ In-Line Blower - Water Resistant - Aftermarket Pkg*754RC
4″ In-Line Blower - Aftermarket Pkg*751C
4″ In-Line Blower - Water Resistant - Aftermarket Pkg*
Special Model In-Line Blower757
Special Model In-Line Blower758

*Individual Display Carton